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MARCH 24 - 26, 2017

Friday MARCH 24, 2017 — 6 PM

Sunday MARCH 26, 2017 — 6 PM - LATE

How many likes make a truth?

The Internet was originally hailed as an inherently democratic medium that would promote democracy, sweep away corrupt gatekeepers, and make it easy for anyone to create or access knowledge. From that would come better solutions, more transparency, and citizens with more power than at any time in history.

Now the basic assumption of a common truth has been disrupted by a technology that can offer any reality and alter any history, on demand, 24/7. Rather than heralding a peaceful global commons we find ourselves fragmented into echo chambers and struggling to find common ground outside of our friends list.

As the dream of a democratic Internet fades we are left to question what role it actually plays in our society and government. As hackers we have little time to mourn the loss of techno-utopian ideals as there is an urgent need to critically examine the impact of our creation and consider mechanisms for mediation.

As hackers, many of us were involved in the development and advancement of the very Internet that now seems to be working against us. What do we do now that the Internet has revealed many of our dreams to be illusory?

Artists and hackers from the Pacific Northwest will inhabit PNCA for a weekend to produce new, collaborative projects that investigate this echo chamber. Participants will begin hacking on Friday evening March 24th. Visitors are invited to join the teams on Sunday, March 26th starting at 6:00pm for a closing exhibition, live performances, and party.